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Quick Start Guide

The simplest and easiest way to get up-and-running with Salable. Monetise your application in record time.

Create an account

The first step of the journey is to create a Salable account, if you haven't already!

Once you have created your account, you'll need to create an API Key.

It's also worth creating a "Payment Integration" now. This is configuring the payment service that you'd like to use for your application. The easiest way to do this while you're still in the development phase is to toggle on "Test Mode" in the sidebar and add a payment integration with the payment provider set as Salable.

Configure your product

You can now create your product in the Salable dashboard. Configure the plans and features to best suit your intended business model. We support everything from monthly recurring payments, ad hoc licensing, usage-based billing.

Creating your product in Salable is best done with a "bottom-up" approach. Start by defining each of your individual features and capabilities, and then create plans for them to sit within.

Taking payments

Now you have your product configured, you will need to prompt the user to pay for your application. We will do this through a simple payment link.

// Don't forget to: npm install @salable/js
import { getCheckoutLink } from '@salable/js'

const checkoutLink = await getCheckoutLink({
apiKey: 'your-salable-api-key',
planUuid: 'your-salable-plans-uuid',
successUrl: ''
cancelUrl: '',
granteeId: 'your-users-id',
member: 'your-users-id',

// Now you are free to present this `checkoutLink` to your user however you see
// fit.

The payment link is only for an individual plan. If you'd rather showcase multiple options to the user, consider using a Pricing Table.

License check

Now users can buy licenses, you can lock certain features/functionalities of your application depending on whether they've paid or not.

// Don't forget to: npm install @salable/js
import { getGrantee } from '@salable/js';

const { hasCapability } = await getGrantee({
apiKey: 'your-salable-api-key',
productUuid: 'your-products-uuid',
granteeId: 'your-users-id',

const isUserLicensedToPerformAction = hasCapability('your-capability-name');

Learning more

In just a few steps, you have now: configured your product on Salable, allowed users to buy licenses, and restricted what a user can do based on the license(s) they hold.

You can now make money with your project!

But this is just the beginning, Salable can offer a lot more when it comes to handling licenses, usage-based authorisation, managing subscriptions. Check out our other documentation to learn more!