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Getting Started


The Salable Web Component Library is designed to streamline the development process for SaaS products. It is a collection of Web Components that facilitate easy integration with payment platforms and simplify the creation of flexible pricing models. Our components are seamlessly compatible with various web frameworks, making it easier for developers to integrate payment and licensing functionality in web applications.

Key Features

  • Web Components: Our Web Components are standards-compliant and work across all modern browsers, ensuring broad compatibility.

  • React Wrappers: We provide wrapped versions of our Web Components for React projects.

  • Ease of Integration: Designed to be easily integrated into your existing projects, requiring minimal configuration to get started


You'll need to install our package to begin using the Salable Component Library in your project. For Web Components, include them directly in your HTML, and for React-based projects, import the components as shown in our documentation.

Use either the Salable Web Components library:

npm i @salable/web-components

or the Salable React Web Components library:

npm i @salable/react-web-components

Here, you'll find comprehensive guides and examples to help you understand how to effectively implement our components in your applications.

Salable Web Components Integration Demos

Explore how to integrate Salable Web Components with different front-end frameworks and environments. Below are the links to example repositories showcasing the usage of Web Components within Svelte, React, and plain HTML/JavaScript setups.

Svelte Integration

Repository: Salable Web Components in Svelte

React Integration

Repository: Salable React Web Components for Next.js

HTML/JavaScript Integration

Repository: Salable Web Components with HTML and JavaScript