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Version: v1.4.0

Create License

This method will create a new adhoc license to allow Specific IDs to use your product.

Code Sample

const { SalableApi } = require("@Salable/node-sdk");
(async () => {
const api = new SalableApi("API-KEY");
try {
const license = await api.licenses.createLicense({
planUuid: "41cf33a2-136e-4959-b5c7-73889ab94eff";
member: ""
granteeId: "grantee-123"
} catch (err) {


productUuid (required)

Type: string

Product uuid of the capabilities you wish to check

granteeIds (required)

Type: string[]

A String array of the grantee Ids you wish to check against

Return Type

Promise of Check Capabilities Object