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Create a Product

A product is an app or service that your customers are buying. In Salable your product contains the features and plans that you can offer your users.

Organizational accounts can have an unlimited number of products.


  1. Select Products from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select Create New Product product-create-button

  3. Complete the parameters:

    • Product Name: Name of the product for backend use, not visible to customers
    • Product Display Name: The publicly visible name of the product
    • Product Description (optional): Information that will appear in tooltips.
    • App Type - Select the type of app from the drop-down menu. The options are Custom, Trello, or Miro.
    • Logo (optional): Upload an image from your computer to replace the circular logo next to the product on the product page.
    • Images can be a max of 10mb and must be either a png or jpeg. product-form
  4. Select Next.

  5. Select the Payment Type.

    • If you are making a Free Product, you can select Create Product and you are done.


    • If you are making a Paid Product. There are more fields to complete.

      Paid Product

      If you select Paid Product, once you select Create Product you cannot revert it to free. However, you can still offer free plans within the product.


  6. Select the account name of the Payment Integration you wish to use for this product.

  7. Select your preferred Default Currency.

    Additional Currencies

    You are only selecting the default currency at this stage. If you want, you can add other currencies later.

  8. Select Create Product.

Your product now appears on the Products page. You can amend any of the details at any time. To do this select the Menu icon next to the product then select Edit.


The next step is to add Capabilities, Features, and Plans.