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Add a Feature

Features are the specific benefits, augmentations, or liberties that are delivered by a product. The features a client gets depend on the plan they buy. While capabilities are the same in all plans, features are not.

Features can be anything. They can be actual functionality in your app, access to a service, or a nontangible benefit. Each product can have an unlimited number of features.


  1. Select Products from the navigation menu on the left-hand side.


  2. Select the Product Name or select the Menu icon next to the product you wish to add a feature to and select Edit.

  3. Select the Features tab.

  4. Select Add New Feature.


  5. Complete the required parameter fields.

    NameName for reference within the Salable dashboard.
    Display NameName shown in the pricing table.
    Variable NameName used to reference the variable in the API.
    Feature DescriptionText to be shown in tooltips. Limited to 50 characters.
    Value TypeChoose an option from the drop-down, define the values and use the radio buttons to identify the default option.
    • Numerical: With this option, a feature can have any numerical value. Select a number for the default value. You can also add an Unlimited option.
    • Text Options: Create as many text options as you need. They will automatically be sorted into alphabetical order.
    • True/False: Provide two options, True, or False.
    VisibilityChoose whether to display the feature in marketing or not. This is set to Public by default.
    • Public: Show the feature in marketing.
    • Private: Do not show the feature in marketing.
  6. Select Create Feature.



If you change, add or remove features, remember to update your plans to keep up with any changes.

Update Feature Order

The order that features are displayed on the Features tab within your product are the order in which they are displayed on your pricing table. By default, they are listed in the order they were created. You can change this order by going to the Features tab and dragging the features into the order you want them to display.


Once you are happy with the order, click Update Feature Order to save the feature order.