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Create a Plan

You can add new plans to a product at any time.


  1. Select Products from the navigation menu on the left-hand side.

  2. Select the Menu icon next to the product you wish to add a plan to. Then


  3. Select the Plans tab.

  4. Select Add Plan.


  5. Complete the fields in the Plan Labels section:

    • Plan Name - Name used in the Salable Dashboard

    • Plan Display Name - Name shown to customers in the pricing tables

    • Plan Description - Information shown in tooltips.


  6. Select Next.

  7. Complete the fields in the License Type section:


    • Capabilities - Select capabilities from the drop-down menu. These are the capabilities you set up for your product. At least one capability needs to be chosen.

    • Plan Type - There are four different types of plans. Which option you choose changes the plan cycle options available.

      • Standard
      • Bespoke
      • Evalutaion
      • Coming Soon
    • Plan Pricing - Select Paid Plan or Free Plan depending on whether or not you wish to charge for this plan.

    • Plan Cycle - Select the time period from the drop-down. The options depend on the plan type.


      • For Coming Soon and Standard, the options are Year or Month.
      • For Bespoke the options are Year, Month or Day.
      • Type or use the selector to choose an integer value.
    • License Type - Select the pricing model you are using for this plan. The options are Licensed or Usage. You can read more about these in the Pricing Models article in the Glossary.

    • Plan Evaluation - Select if you wish to offer an Evaluation period or No evaluation. If Evaluation Period is selected, an Evaluation Period field appears. Select how many days you want the evaluation period to last.

    • Visibility - You can choose Public or Private. Plans set as Public will show in marketing.

    • Published - When the checkbox is selected, the plan is displayed on the default pricing table.


  8. Select Next.

  9. Complete the fields in the Assign Feature Value tab. You must assign a relevant value for this plan for each feature in your product.

    If you selected Usage as the License Type for the plan, you can specify here which feature is the basis for usage billing by selecting the appropriate radio button.


  10. Select Next.

  11. Assign a price for the plan.

  12. Select Create Plan.

The plan is now shown in the Plans tab. To make changes to the plan, select the Edit Icon next to the plan.