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Add Stripe to Salable

Adding payment integration to Salable is simple. You will just need your API keys from Stripe. You can access their documentation here.


  1. Select the Settings from the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu.


  2. Select the Integrations tab from the settings screen. Then select the Add Payment Integration button.

  3. Select Stripe from the Payment Providers dropdown.

  4. Complete the fields:

    • Account Name: Choose a name to help identify this Stripe account within your Salable Dashboard.
    • Publishable Key: Your Publishable API Key from Stripe.
    • Secret Key: Your Secret API Key from Stripe.


  5. Select Add Payment Integration.

  6. Stripe is now listed on the Integration tab. Select Set up Webhook.


  7. Select Auto Install. The information in the popup is already completed.

  8. A confirmation message will display to confirm that Stripe is successfully connected.