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Add Salable Payments

Adding payment integration to Salable is simple. You just need to follow these instructions and provide your business details when requested.


  1. Select the Settings from the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu.


  2. Select the Integrations tab from the settings screen. Then select the Add Payment Integration button.

  3. Select Salable from the Payment Providers dropdown.


  4. Provide an Account Name. You should choose a name that helps you identify this Salable Payment account within your Salable dashboard.

  5. Select Add Payment Integration.

  6. You will be redirected to complete the account setup. You will require bank account details to complete this.


    If you are unable to complete the account setup, clck Return to Salable to return to your Integrations tab.


  7. In anycase if you exit the onboarding flow, you can select Complete Onboarding to continue setting up your account when you are ready.


  8. Once you have completed the account setup, the Salable Payment account is listed on the Integrations tab with Connected status.