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Add a Payment Method to Your Product

You can add a payment method to your product to change it from a free to a paid product. You first need to connect your Stripe or Paddle account to Salable. Then you can link these accounts to a product.


This method is for adding a payment method to a product already set up in Salable. You can also do this when you first set up your product.


  1. Select Products from the navigation menu on the left-hand side.

  2. Select the Edit icon next to the product you wish to add a payment method to.


  3. Select Paid Product.


  4. Select the name of the account you wish to connect from the Payment Integration dropdown.

  5. Select your preferred Default Currency.

  6. Select Save.


You can not change the payment integration once you have saved the product. If you need to change the payment integration for your product, you would need to create a new product within Salable.