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Issue an Evaluation License

If you need to issue an evaluation license to a customer, you can do that directly from your organization's homepage. All you will need is your customer's email address.


  1. Select Licenses from the sidebar. Then select Create New License. license-menu-create

  2. The Create License sidebar will open. It has the following parameter:-

    • Grantee ID: The identifier used to check if there is a valid license.
    • Licensee Email: The email address for the customer receiving the evaluation license.
    • Product & Plan: First select the product from the drop-down menu, then the plan level.
    • Let Expire/Renew Forever: For an evaluation license, you will want to select Let Expire. license-form
  3. Once you have completed the fields the Expiration Date Parameter appears. It will default to the cycle time of the plan, but you can manually change it.


  4. Select Create License.