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Pricing Models

Salable offers two pricing models that you can use for your product; a license-based model and a usage-based model. The pricing model is assigned on the plan level, so if you wish you can offer both pricing models to your customers, depending on which plan they select. You can decide which pricing model applies to a plan when you create the plan.

Licensed Model

This is a flat-rate pricing model. You specify a price and a billing cycle for the plan, and the customer pays that price each billing cycle for each license they purchase.

Usage Billing Model

With the usage billing model, you charge your customers based on how much they use your product during the billing cycle. When you create a plan, you specify which feature to use as the basis for the usage billing and what the unit price is. The customer's usage of that feature is monitored and they are billed the appropriate amount at the end of their billing cycle.