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Invite Your Team to Salable

You may need to give other members of your team access to your Salable dashboard. You can add as many team members as you need to your organisation.


  1. Select the Settings from the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu.


  2. Select the Team tab.

  3. Select the Invite Member button. invite-team-button

  4. Enter your team member's email address.


An email is sent to the email address provided. From the email, your team member can create their own account for Salable. Their account is automatically linked to your organisation.

You can view the status of invited team members by selecting Settings from the left-hand menu and viewing the Team tab. You can revoke an invite by clciking the menu icon for the relevant team member and selecting Revoke Invite.

By default, new members of your team will only have read access to your Salable instance. You can read how to edit their permissions on the Manage Your Team page.